January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Bonjour, fashion lovers!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ana, but many of my friends call me Ani and I am a 23-year-old Venezuelan girl who love all things that are small, cute, sweet and colorful like everything, I’m not quitting! Fashion, beauty, music and art are my biggest passions, but I’m also very crazy about medicine and psychology. At the end, I’m a young woman with many aspirations enjoying this journey that we call life.

For the past four years, Boston, the coolest city in my opinion, has been my home. In there, I’m a digital art student with two minors at Northeastern University. Yep, I am a proud Husky! Studying in the art field is such an amazing and unbelievable experience. In essence, art students are forced to see the world from a different prospective so they can find inspiration from what’s around them and I just really love how people’s minds have to change and open up to basically be able to create something.

As a Style Guru, my mission of looking around and finding the most fantastic, inspiring and gorgeous outfits will continue throughout the spring semester. Even though everyone uses a very thick winter coat during this time of the year that doesn’t mean that people stop being fashionable. In my opinion the search is more exciting, because you never know what’s underneath the coat. Besides who doesn’t love winter accessories? There is nothing like a thick scarf, a pair of gloves and some UGGs.

For this outfit, I decided to wear something elegant and festive. I chose a black and white open-back and open-knit lace maxi dress along with a pair of scrappy black high-heel sandals. For accessories, a silver and black long necklace with crystal earrings and my always go-to gold rings. I can’t wait to go on my treasure hunt this spring with you. Hope you have an extraordinary semester.