STYLE GURU BIO: Ana Gabriela Teran

May 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello, hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Ana Gabriela Teran and  I am currently attending the University of Florida where I am majoring in Microbiology which is completely different from fashion. I know. Although I am studying such an unrelated subject, fashion has always lived within me as a passion. This might be why I spend my free time filming YouTube videos as a beauty guru. Perhaps it is also why I am constantly stalking style bloggers and always getting scolded for buying excessive amounts of clothing (one can never have “too much” clothing. Am I right ladies and gents?). Nonetheless, as a college student I have had to learn to work with what I have and develop ways to style outfits differently, getting more bang for my buck. You are welcome dad!

I remember sneaking into my mom’s closet as a young girl and always slipping on the same pair of red, pointed-toe Nine West pumps she kept at the top of her shoe rack. I would throw on one of her silk scarves around my neck and pretend I was headed to work. I would live out the scene every time by stomping the heels of the pumps on the cherry wood floor with a toy Barbie cell phone on my ear and my left hand on my hip. Keep in mind, I didn’t even know how to spell “shoe” properly. I could say that nothing has changed, but what can you do when you outgrow your mom’s feet?

I have always adored the feeling of opening a box of brand new shoes, having the aroma of leather and wood flood my senses. I love the feeling of opening the dressing room door of my favorite store only to walkout holding out that perfectly fitted dress. Overall, I have always adored fashion.

As a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista, I have the opportunity to constantly participate in ways to share my outfits and the styles of other college students out there that obtain the same passion for style. With each new trend that surges this summer, I hope to express that same feeling of opening a box of new shoes with you through each post. I am very excited to have all of you Fashionsitas/os come along with me this summer.

Cheers to a RAD summer!