STYLE GURU BIO: Ana Gabriela Teran

Hello there, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Ana Gabriela Teran. It is an honor to say that this is my third semester interning for CollegeFashionista. I am a telecommunications-production major at the University of Florida, minoring in art history.

My love for fashion has grown from exploring my interest in all forms of art. Upon interning at CollegeFashionista, I noticed it became a passion that I want to incorporate in whatever it is that becomes my career. CollegeFashionista has taught me to find beauty in how others express themselves. I have learned to appreciate the art of fashion by noticing those who are daring with their style from capturing images when writing about how they curated a visually appealing outfit.

Looking back at my two previous semesters as a Style Guru, I have noticed how my personal style has evolved. It is easy to say that from each Fashionista/o I have written about, I have become inspired to sprinkle some of their creativity onto my own sense of style. I draw in inspiration from patterns, textures and colors. I am not afraid to be daring and combine the unusually combined to create an unexpected outfit. I let my style be guided by the tides of my mood and the flow of the seasons.

In the outfit I’m wearing I decided to mix textures and patterns by pairing a linen, pale pink skirt and a striped top. For layering, I added a jean jacket with a worn in appearance to contrast the structural aspects of the top. I decided to go anti-monochromatic and wear a deep blue side purse with a patterned scarf filled with a mosaic of cool-toned patterns. To maintain a sense of freshness, I wore crisp white sneakers. I was inspired by summer and the lushness of nature that comes with it.

Through my articles I want to express how fashion can be fun. Fashion is not necessarily about having pieces from famous designers or following what’s on trend, it is about unleashing creativity and becoming a walking canvas that you can paint on every day.