This summer is all about trying to dress for this unpredictable weather. The key to overcoming this is layering. Adding a cardigan is a simple way I add a classic touch to my look. In addition, cardigans also add a little bit of warmth on a cool summer morning. Although I tend to favor neutrals, I love adding texture to my look. In this look, I pair different textures such as my knit cardigan with my high-wasted leather mini skirt. I love edging a look up, and I tend to do this with throwing on a pair of leather (or pleather, in this case) boots. You may also notice the symmetry of shapes that continues from head to toe—literally. I paired a pointed pendant necklace with my pointed-toe boots. These boots have cutouts along the sides, helping with the transition of temperature from cool to hot that occurs throughout the day.

All of my looks differ to the eye, but they all share one quality: comfort. As a student-athlete, I’m used to the comfort of a loose T-shirt and lacrosse shorts. Because of this, comfort is something I incorporate into all of my outfits. To me, this is somewhat necessary, especially in the case of being a productive member of society on a daily basis. Although this pleated leather skirt gives my look some structure, particularly with the high waist, this skirt also provides me the same kind of comfort I get with my lacrosse shorts. I also hide my comfort with the addition of these heeled pleather boots.