January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

“Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl?” It’s Amy! Did you like that New Girl reference? It was pretty rockin’! On the other hand, I am not the new girl to CollegeFashionista. This will be my fourth semester representing Central Michigan University with other sweet Gurus.

This spring semester I will be continuing my fourth year here at CMU, and boy were times swift and full of growth. With a major in Apparel Merchandising and Design and a minor in Advertising, you can say my studies are fashionably cohesive. To build upon of my academics, I write for Grand Central Magazine in order to grow in my new passion for writing.

The reason why I adore writing is because of my new fascination for hearing about diverse lifestyles. Listening to a personal story of an individual creates an abundance of inspiration within my soul. To partner with my passion for other people, I am also inspired by anything and everything. It may sound general, but inspiration shouldn’t stop at pop culture or the latest trends. Inspiration is spontaneous like the dance routine of Opening Ceremony’s spring 2016 New York Fashion Week show or indulging in a foreign environment. Inspiration is as simple as the sunset sky, which is why we should always open our eyes.

As you open your eyes to my outfit, it displays a mixed feeling. I am the type of girl who wears a pair of tough boots with a feminine skirt. Long skirts, draping sweaters, scarves and boots are indeed my natural state of style on campus. This outfit creates a loose and comfortable bohemian feel. This striped skirt I am wearing was constructed by me, simply because I desired a striped A-line skirt. For accessories, I got this vintage wooden clutch from a garage sale in Kalkaska, Michigan for only a dollar. I consider this clutch a signature in my wardrobe and one of my favorites. For the finale, check out these RAD boots of strength. Every woman deserves a pair to bring out her inner Laura Croft!

Thank you for reading my spunky article, and don’t fear because there will be more to come. Now let’s bring in the New Year by getting engulfed into a shark (tank) full of adventures for 2016.