May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Amy Cain and it is my pleasure to be a returning Style Guru for this summer! I am an Apparel Merchandising and Design major with a minor in Advertising. I enjoy applying fundamentals that I learned in my major to my personal style. Choosing to study fashion and its industry has been one of the best choices in my life.

Since I was a child I would always dress in a unique way regardless of my mother’s approval (gracefully, she granted her approval). I enjoy experimenting with colors, patterns, lengths and textures. What’s fashion without pushing the limits?

I adore thrift shopping and reviving refurbished apparel. My feelings towards refurbished apparel have grown because it is sustainable and has an affordable price tag. Ultimately, thrift shopping challenges my styling skills because I can take an old garment and bring it to life with my own flair.

My pop culture influence is largely attributed to Rihanna. Her style is always on point, and she pulls off multiple fashion risks with no sweat. Her elusive style is what inspires me to be original. Rihanna has modeled for various high profile designers, but her individuality remains untouched. Following trends is one thing but staying true to your own style is pure innovation.

I am stoked to see all the magnificent styles around town and beyond! Every Fashionista/o has a story behind his or her style and my purpose is to share that. Stay tuned every Monday for my articles. It may even be about your snazzy style.