STYLE GURU BIO: Aminah McKenzie

I am a 19-year-old fashion blogger and beauty vlogger. I have always been into fashion ever since I was at least four years old. I used to take clean clothes that my mother freshly folded out of the dryer and play dress up with them every 15 minutes. Fashion is something that makes me feel like I can show who I am without having to say a word but my style switches up from time to time. I always say, “Fashion is art but style is who you are.”

I was also the quiet one in school when I was growing up and fashion always helped me express myself without having to say a word; however, when I was with my friends and family, I was very outgoing and super loud. Sometimes I like to try new things when it comes to my style but I also like to try new things in life, too. I love listening to different and new genres of music. I also like to go to places I’ve never been before and try new activities.

Growing up and being creative really helped me figure out my style today. I love wearing trendy pieces but I always add something that shows my personality. My favorite accessory to add to an outfit is a gold watch. I always feel like it brings an outfit together and I also think shoes play a huge role in my outfits too. My favorite pair of sneakers are my ALDO sneakers. I love them because the tip of the shoe is gold (I think gold is my number one favorite color and I have a lot of favorites). The one thing that finishes an outfit is the makeup. I always viewed makeup as an accessory to any outfit. Clothes accentuate the body, while makeup accentuates the face.

In this article, I am wearing a leather jacket with a fur collar from H&M. I paired it with my favorite T-shirt from Forever 21 and some comfortable leggings. I got the ankle boots from a local thrift store and they were originally a peach color but I actually painted them black.

I’ve always loved everything about beauty and fashion ever since I was young and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all.