STYLE GURU BIO: Amina Hussain

Greetings! My name is Amina Hussain, and I am junior at Montclair State University. I am extremely thrilled to be a Style Guru this summer so that I can share my summer adventures and most excitingly, what I wear!

My entire life, I attended schools that required me to wear uniforms; when I wasn’t wearing uniforms, I would typically be wearing cultural “Desi” clothing, as I come from a Bangladeshi background. When it was time to actually make a conscious effort about what to wear when going out with friends, I was completely lost. I never knew what to wear and it was frustrating. It wasn’t until the middle of the first semester of my freshman year in college that I met the most wonderful people who were quite the Fashionistas/os and inspired me to get creative with what I wore.

I like to keep it simple on a daily basis. I find myself wearing the color black as if there was no other clothing item sold in a color other than black. On a regular day, my outfit will typically consist of a pair of black high-waisted jeans, a crop top, a pair of black booties and outerwear such as a cardigan or jacket with some color to add life to my outfit and sort of tie the whole look together. As for accessories, I like to keep it to a minimum unless it’s a fancy outing. For the most part, I’ll just throw on a choker and some rings, grab my funkiest purse or backpack and head out the door. I find that last minute outfits end up being one of the cutest so I don’t normally stress as much before events! So, for all my procrastinators out there, not to worry! Your outfit won’t look as put-together-last-minute as you think.

Once again, I am so thrilled to be a Style Guru this summer because I’ll finally get to share all the adventures I go on and what I put together last minute. After all, I’m sure everyone knows, nothing ever goes as planned but as long as you look and feel good, what else matters?