STYLE GURU BIO: Amber Calhoune

STYLE GURU BIO: Amber Calhoune

From suburbia to city life, I’m just trying to be the person I always imagined I could be. I love riding the subway alone, listening to Beyoncé, drinking iced chai tea lattes and spending an obscene amount of money on clothes. I am a junior at Emmanuel College in Boston, and I am so happy to be returning as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista! I’m a business management major with a minor in graphic design, and I have a major love for fashion.

I have always loved dressing up. Whether it was wearing an elaborate costume as a child or wearing a beautiful dress to a party as a teenager, I’ve always favored being over-dressed than under—which is probably why I received the superlative “Best Dressed” in senior year of high school. I hope that one day I can work for a fashion magazine or as a stylist.

I’ve always loved art and expression. I spent my high school days drawing and painting. Now, in college, I totally enjoy my minor in graphic design. Art, similar to fashion, is a core part of my life and helps the ability to express myself. My other interests include reading coming-of-age novels, eating ethic foods such as Mexican, Thai and Indian, exploring the world and simply having fun with my friends.

This year, I am living in an apartment with my three best friends. I am looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead and getting to know more of Boston. I can’t wait to share this amazing city’s street style with you all!