May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! Amani Yasin here coming to you live from the fabulous and fashionable streets of New York City. As a student and Style Guru of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), I plan to show you the best of the best as I’ve got an eye for what stands out in a crowd of millions. (I’m quite excited!) What I love most about NYC and FIT is the spontaneity; it isn’t all glamorous. Sometimes it’s edgy, sometimes it’s dark and sometimes it’s life-changing—and that’s also why I love the fashion industry because you never know what you’ll see next.

A little about myself? I’m a transfer student studying Advertising Communications Marketing and hoping to go on to getting my Master’s in Public Relations so I can be engulfed in the most evolving industry: fashion.
Fashion to me is a reflection of oneself; it shows how they feel in the morning, how their life is currently going and how they feel like expressing themselves. I believe in incorporating and reflecting current trends, however, I also firmly believe that your style should be an expression of your true self AND current trends, all whilst being versatile. Sometimes, it’s hard to be true to yourself and not follow what’s considered to be the “hottest” trends, but it is important. In all aspects, stay true to yourself no matter what or who comes along.
My personal style is definitely a reflection of my mood. Most of the time you’ll find me in all-black, as I believe that all black is bold, elegant, chic, edgy and shows confidence. It’s a rarity to find me in color but when you do, I somehow always still incorporate black. I find inspiration everywhere—from FIT’s unique campus, to the old-school-meets-new-school edge of West Village, to the down-to-earth streets of Brooklyn, to the uptown funk of Harlem and even to the subways. Fashion and art are all about perception. Whatever you see and however you feel about it, run with it. It just might make you the next Fashionista/o.
I look forward to showing you what I see as fashionable, and I hope I, myself, end up turning a few heads.