January 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello…it’s me. Just kidding. My name is Amani Yasin and I am entering my third year at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Advertising and Communications Marketing. Being a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista has been extremely rewarding and I am excited to be returning for my third semester.

I have always been a lover of writing which most likely stems from my love of reading. From a very young age, I always had a book in my hand. The only aspect in school I’m actually good at is writing killer papers. Everything else–ha!

Career-wise, I am hoping to pursue fashion law and public relations. The idea of working in law makes my heart beat a million miles per minute, but I know how dedicated of a person I am therefore with anything I do, I know I will give it my all. I have quite a bit of internships under my belt and I am ecstatic to be interning with THE ROW this semester!

Aside from writing and fashion, I am very passionate about the food industry. If I’m not out and about in New York City, I’m most likely in bed binge-watching Chopped on the Food Network. I love cooking, trying new restaurants and learning about wine-pairing (shoutout to all of my wine-lovers out there).

Living in New York City and going to fashion school has broadened my mind in unimaginable ways. I have learned so much about life, fashion and even myself which has enabled me to blossom every single day. As of late, I have been a fan of athleisure (structured outfits with athletic twists—sports-chic, in other words) as well as androgynous attire. Some of my favorite brands to follow right now are: THE ROW, Thom Browne, Everlane, adidias, Kith and Public School. For 2016, I am hoping to achieve a minimalistic wardrobe with a simple color palette and quality items.

Again, I am thrilled to be a Style Guru this semester and look forward to showing you both fabulous people I capture and the outfits I come up with after being inspired by this crazy city I call my home.

Stay tuned, stay inspired and stay you.