January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi everyone, I’m Amanda—a foodie, YouTuber and Beyoncé fanatic. I am currently a junior at Rutgers University studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience, and, yes, it is more impressive-sounding than it actually is. It is also my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista, and I could not be more excited about sharing another season’s worth of fashion findings with you all.

I don’t really have a particular moment that I can recall when I knew that I loved fashion. I always liked dressing up, but it wasn’t until high school that I really started to build my style identity. I never conceded my preferences for trends, and that itself is a small feat. “Please yourself” is the best advice I could give when talking about personal style. When you are comfortable and happy with what you are wearing, your whole being exudes it and that is what can make an odd or ordinary outfit striking.

My style is rather eclectic and perpetually changing. I never limit myself to a style type or trend; I pick and choose from a wide variety. With winter in full swing, I am too in love with texture in all of my garments and complementing my dark ensembles with a bold statement lip. If you have to bundle up you might as well look super luxurious doing so! As for the warmer months, you will be sure to see some more distressed goodies as well as all the midi skirts and crop tops. And as for all year round, I sport the neutrals and am never without.

I love asking people what makes their style watch tick. CollegeFashionista has really opened my eyes to what fashion means to others in describing their personality and interests, and this has helped to further mine. This semester I hope to bring some inspiration into your wardrobes this spring semester with my weekly Tuesday posts.