STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Spencer

Hi Fashionistas/os! My name is Amanda Spencer, I am a sophomore at Penn State University from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am currently an advertising major and I am very interested in creating a future for myself in the retail industry as a creative communication team member. My style has been shaped over the years by the variety of different retail companies I have had opportunities to work for. I am so excited to have the amazing opportunity of working with CollegeFashionista to share my unique inspirations that I find on campus.

I am a huge travel junkie so my style has been inspired from all over the globe. Everywhere from Australia, Paris, California and New York City has fueled the looks I bring to campus. I have a laid-back style because I am all about comfort as I am always on the move. I am a huge thermal enthusiast as they are comfy like a sweater without the bulk, perfect for layering and changing from season to season. My two go-to styles are a bohemian beach look or an all black chic city look. Since I am always running around on a campus that is over eight thousand acres, my shoes are a huge factor in my outfit. If I am heading to my workout obviously I have on some Nike Flyknit Frees or I am sporting my favorite leather slip-on Vans

My inspiration comes from all over so I am always trying new looks from edgy to preppy. My closet spans from Lilly Pulitzer, Free People to lululemon. I try to mix all these different styles into my own. My outfits change based on everything from the weather and my daily activities to what I read in the most recent Vogue. I must say I am a huge social media worshiper, but a true Pinterest addict. I love getting ideas for my wardrobe from different Instagram influencers and especially Pinterest.

The one accessory that is essential to every single outfit I wear are my bracelets. I have, what I like to call, a stack that never leaves my wrist. Piling up over the years the newest members of my collection are my Miansai cuff bracelets. They add a edgy yet chic style that complements the other bracelets on my wrist. 

Since I go to a school that has a pretty frigid climate, I have an array of winter accessories I can choose from. In this picture is one of my favorite coats I can pair with almost any outfit. I also have lots of scarves and hats that I normally can find at Urban Outfitters that pile up from fall to winter that I alternate on a daily basis.

I hope to inspire other gurus through my CollegeFashionista posts as well as be inspired by all the other great influencers on the site! Fashion is a great art of expression and this website allows us to share our own as well as the styles we find on our very own campus.