STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Rutter

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Happy summertime friends! My name is Amanda Rutter, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back interning with CollegeFashionista for a second semester as a Style Guru. Although I walked at Washington State’s graduation a few weeks ago, I still have a few classes to finish up this summer so technically I’m still a senior Apparel Merchandising student. My first semester working with CollegeFashionista taught me quite a bit about time management, fashion journalism and what it means to be my own personal brand by promoting my articles on social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so I’m stoked to learn even more throughout this coming semester.

This summer I’ll be repping Washington State University from the streets of my hometown of Portland, Oregon so get ready for some truly funky fashion as we ride out these hot summer months. With only a couple classes left to take before I get my diploma it leaves me plenty of time to scour the city of Portland to find Fashionista/os wearing the latest fashion trends. In addition to being a Style Guru, I’m super excited to also be participating in CollegeFashionista’s editorial internship which will give me the opportunity to improve my editing and writing skills, as well as give me a little more responsibility and allow me to see another aspect of fashion journalism.

My fashion is very much influenced by the ’60s and ’70s, and my ensemble today I would say “hits the nail on the head.” I brought back out a few pieces I’ve worn before with previous outfits and styled them a little differently to give the ensemble a festival/Lana Del Rey kind of vibe. I wore my favorite pair of high-waisted, cut-off denim shorts with a cross-back body suit and floral kimono. To elevate the look, I paired that with some black, strappy, cork-bottom wedges which also adds to the ’70s theme. To accessorize, I kept it simple like usual wearing a single gold chain bracelet and a black and gold leather cross-body bag. This outfit definitely exemplifies what I love about fashion; funky style, flowy fabrics and bold prints.

My camera lens and I are anxiously awaiting to see what RAD fashion will be strutting down the streets of Portland, so put on some sunscreen and buckle up because this summer is going to be a hot one!