Since I recently relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this past May, I have found myself with the opportunity to reinvent myself in all areas—including, but not limited to, fashion. I’ve since been determined to restock my wardrobe and my new style has taken on the look of cool, collected and simple (with a bit of flair, of course). Through browsing the racks at stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Old Navy, I’ve managed to create a closet full of outfits that really shout out who I am.

I love fashion that is practical. My super-sweet sundresses have pockets, my jeans always come with enough space to move and I’ve limited my heels to 4” or below since I always seem to find myself literally running to catch up with my long-legged sister. In fact, I’m always on the move, whether it’s walking to work, biking around school or jogging around the neighborhood, so my looks definitely need to be cute, yet extremely comfortable.

The outfit featured above is a perfect example of something I love wearing every day because it’s fun, affordable, practical and—most importantly—stylish. I love the look of a button-down tucked into jeans because it instantly cinches the waist and gives you the illusion of height (which is a must for my 5’4” self). My denim shirt is super-soft and is also flattering whether tucked into jeans or left blowing free. My floppy felt hat and my sunglasses work together to shade my face from the sun and the black and silver elements tie my statement belt and all-black walking shoes into the look. And, of course, we can’t forget my adorable black backpack purse, which keeps everything of mine in one place and ensures that I won’t have an aching shoulder from lugging around a tote all day.

When I’m not scouring clearance racks and thrift shops for graphic T-shirts, comfortable button-downs or yet another pair of black boots, you can usually find me blogging, reading in the sun, photographing nature and the people around me or going to the gym. I’m so excited to bring you with me on my style-seeking adventures in Philadelphia. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!