Hello there all you Fashionista/os! It’s my first post at CollegeFashionista, pretty exciting to be a part of this community. I’m a public relations major at Fullerton College and a member of our newspaper team.

I’m all about trying different styles and I really want to get into the sporty chic look. Something I’ve been obsessed with forever is the schoolgirl look. Plaid is always my best friend because I can create so many different images with the right accessories.

On a normal school day, I’m probably wearing a leather jacket and distressed jeans. Some days you might spot me in a skater skirt but I can tell you I wear boots 90 percent of the time. Fall is my favorite season for fashion because burgundy is my favorite color and that’s when I fulfill my burgundy item quota for the year.

My love affair with floppy hats has gotten serious recently because they just add that mysterious, glamorous flair to an outfit. Who am I kidding, I’m just a lazy girl who likes to hide that messy hair. Dressing up for school motivates me because I get to wear something other than my pajamas out the door.

Dresses and rompers are great items because I can just grab one item out of my closet when I’m running late and look put together. There goes my biggest style secret. I also carry a minimum of five lipsticks in my bag at all times so I can change my image according to the situation. Red lipstick gives me a confidence boost but sometimes a morning class calls for a neutral gloss. You can never have too many options.

I think that’s all the secrets I have to spill about my style. In my spare time I like to swatch makeup all over my hand at Sephora and make myself some sweet treats.

Being in Southern California is perfect for me because I get to post all those food fad photos on Instagram. Having grown up in Singapore, I find the cold absolutely terrifying so I love that I don’t have to bundle myself up too much during winter. There’s also the abundance of music festivals that I am oh so thankful for because I like to awkwardly bop to electronic music. Yeah.

I’m usually a shy person so being a part of CollegeFashionista will give me a reason to compliment someone on their outfit. There’s just so many fashionable people on campus and I can’t wait to get inspired with y’all.