STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Leahy

May 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello everyone, my name is Amanda Leahy! I am currently studying Merchandising Management and about to enter my senior year at Oregon State. I cannot believe that my university experience has gone by so quickly, and I am so excited to be starting my first term at CollegeFashionista as I wrap up my schooling!

I consider my view of the world to be slightly unique, as I stand a mighty five feet tall. Why the short lengths are always kept on top shelves is one of the first mysteries I plan to solve once I enter the professional world. My short sidekick takes form as a corgi-chihuahua mix named Iris, who I adopted from my local shelter almost two years ago.

Books, instrumental music, Disney and Harry Potter take up the space in my heart not occupied by clothes (and people I suppose). I am not afraid to admit my self-proclaimed nerd status, and that Hermione was my childhood role model. I took school very seriously, often to the chagrin of my classmates. As well as a commitment to hit the books, much like my literary idol I had a moment where I realized clothing can be a powerful representation of self.

Instead of fighting the Dark Lord, I pursued an education that would help me understand the power of fashion. I love the way that clothing can transform the way someone feels about themselves, and my main goal is to be part of that process. Being able to see an individual’s self-expression through clothing is endlessly interesting to me. I am always observing outfits, whether they be on celebrities or mere mortals. My number one fashion inspiration is the one and only Emma Watson (and only partially because of her Hermione status).

Like most Fashionistas/os, I had my fair share of fashion experimentation as a kid. Through all of it I have discovered that I am a minimalist at heart. That being said, I am not afraid to mix in pieces from trends all across the board. This outfit represents my tendencies towards basics, but in my opinion you can never go wrong with a crisp, white button-up. Pairing the shirt with a boyfriend-fit distressed jean and a pop of pink lipstick keeps my personal uniform from falling flat. I am also thrilled to finally be able to bare my wrists and wear my favorite summer accessory: Alex and Ani bracelets!

I am very excited to write for CollegeFashionista over this summer term, and I cannot wait to share some Pacific Northwest fashion with you all!