STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Gangidino

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Gangidino

Greetings Fashionistas/os! My name is Amanda Gangidino and I am currently an undeclared student at Monmouth University. I feel that my passion for fashion and journalism will ultimately influence my career choice, but I’ve got time to decide!

Fashion enables us to evolve and express our true self. While sporting our garments of self-expression, we undergo a myriad of life experiences. Personally while perusing through my wardrobe, I have the ability to identify clothing pieces with particular memories. My favorite leather jacket reawakens the memory of meeting my man crush, James Franco, at a book signing. Fashion allows us to perfect our individualism and reawaken moments of the past.

Reflecting upon the past is vital in fabricating our style identities. Our society is significantly influenced by the trends of the ’90s concerning both fashion and music. The effortless flannel button-down worn by grunge enthusiasts has returned to our style radars. The rock band Nirvana became the voice of teen angst during this decade. Although Nirvana’s apex was about 20 years ago, their T-shirts have resurfaced in retailers across the globe.

I have always been strongly influenced by the trends of previous generations. I am truly mesmerized by vintage pieces and simplistic details. I find beauty in uniqueness and antiquity. While growing up, I was taught to embrace the quirkiness of the world and appreciate the stories of the past. My personal style illuminates my quirks and old school values.

Fashion is constantly evolving and changing, allowing us to evolve along with it. It has the ability to communicate our personality, mood, uniqueness and confusion. Fashion is the beauty that surrounds us. It is the color and creativity of the world. It is accessible to all and allows society to reflect their individual tastes. I hope that my articles inspire you to embrace the beauty and uniqueness that fashion has to offer! Visit back every Wednesday for style updates!