January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello, “NiHow,” everyone! My name is Hsuan-Chieh Chen(陳軒婕) or you can call me Amanda, my American name! I am a senior majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Finance at University of South Florida. It is a unique combination because I am interested in marketing and advertising, but I also like “math”. The reason why I chose USF is because it is the only school available in Florida for me at the study abroad agency. And the reason I chose Florida is because I had been there couple years ago before I studied there and I LOVE IT. As you can see by my name, I am not an American; I came from Taiwan as an international student, and this is my fourth year living in the States by myself. Taiwan is a small country located in Asia. I think it will be a great opportunity to introduce my country to everybody and to show what is popular over there. It has been a special and extraordinary experience for me to study abroad and this internship will make it more interesting.

On this website, I will share my outfits for all different occasions, such as school, beach, formal dinner and so on, in hopes to give you some inspirations. Since I come from Taiwan, I will also share the trends over there. It is funny to say that a lot of people are crazy about Korean styles in Taiwan, but there are also some people are obsessed with American style. It will be cool to combine both cultures together.

The outfit I posted today basically fits everyone; it is an everyday casual outfit. The bright plaid button-down on top is from Forever 21 and shows my passion for fashion. It is always a good idea to wear jeans because they are great for all purposes. The wishbone shape necklace I am wearing is a gift from my sister. Last but not least, I have adidas Superstar as my shoes. They are a must-have for everyone, especially for girls even though they are only sold in youth and men sizes. It is important to look up the size before you purchase the shoes. A great tip for buying this product is to buy a half size smaller than usual.

Now, let me tell you something about myself. I love being outdoor getting connected with Mother Nature and I love doing exercises as well. I do crossfit, TRX, surfing and scuba diving. I usually spend my summer doing these kinds of sports in Taiwan. I always say that I am a mermaid and the ocean is my home. I travel a lot as well, mostly in Asia and the island countries. I would like to share what I see and what I wear when I am travelling. I want to use this chance to show what I love, what I believe and what I am interested in to people who follow me.