Hello Fashionistas/os my name is Alyssa Seda and I will be serving as your to go-to stylish girl at Hunter College. Currently a senior, I am majoring in media with a minor in English. I discovered the need to seek my full potential in media studies when I realized what I am. I am a creative mind. I think outside of the box. I like to play dress up and create characters that coincide with my personality. I love to try new things and take pictures/host “impromptu” photo shoots. With that being said, I am excited to be apart of the CollegeFashionista team this summer because this season holds tons of trends which I tend on experimenting with.

I usually like to keep things simple, but I find myself constantly changing my looks based on my mood. Sporty, girly, street, chic—you name it, I’m probably feeling it. I am all about keeping my looks modest and feeling comfortable. As my mom has always said, the thing that makes the outfit is your hair, shoes and how confidently you wear it. With black high-waisted jeans you can never go wrong. Pair it with cute strappy flats and a more bold but simple button-up T-shirt, polka-dot to be exact, top it off by adding your favorite leather jacket and accessory. Then you have a chic, yet minimalist outfit to rock for any casual occasion.  So this summer grab a cup of bubble tea and pull up my columns to see which #RAD students are strutting the hallways confidently in New York City’s largest public college.