STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Nagel

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where my love of fashion began. I always adored shopping with my sisters, cousins and friends even if middle school me did not always have the keenest eye for style, which is no exaggeration. However, glamorous clothing and accessories always stood out to me. Frequent visits to New York City exposed me to the variety of fashion styles as well as the chic elegance the city encompassed.

Throughout middle school, my addiction to beauty and fashion YouTube videos flourished. If you’re like me you can remember the OG stars like AllThatGlitters21, JuicyStar07 and DolceCandy. These women were iconic for me and without them my 12-year-old fashion expertise would not have grown past Aeropostale and I probably would have continued wearing my Claire’s copper eye shadow well into high school. Watching their videos allowed me to learn more about fashion and really develop a strong connection with creating different looks.

High School was no different. I continued to binge-watch my favorite stars and by the time I was a junior I decided to create my own channel. I am so happy I made this decision and never looked back. I have connected with so many other fashion and beauty lovers while sharing my own creativity and personal style. Starting my channel also showed me all of the opportunities available to fashion lovers like me. It has led me to dream of a career in New York City in the fashion or beauty industry.

My style varies quite a lot depending on what event I am attending and my mood. My style can mix from very feminine lace pieces to glamorous fur vests to boho flowy pants. But overall, I love to dress up even if I’m just going to class or running errands. Fashion has become so much more than just a simple interest for me. Currently, I am transferring to Marist College this fall as a Public Relations major and adding a Fashion Merchandising minor or double major. Its fashion program is amazing and I am so excited to represent my new school with CollegeFashionista!