STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Izquierdo

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Alyssa Izquierdo and I am a Sports Television Broadcast major and also minoring in Sports Management. I live in downtown Chicago attending Columbia College where the streets are our runway. I love seeing everyone at my school have a different style that tells a little something about who they are.

I absolutely love how Kim Kardashian dresses. The sleek and classy style she possesses. Something I always incorporate into my own style is a blazer. I dress them up or casually wear them with jeans and a fun graphic T-shirt. I would also get ideas from watching Project Runway. The designers would come up with the craziest articles of clothing that I wouldn’t have thought in a million years to put together.

My style in general depends on my mood. Most of the time I like to wear all black with a pop of color, whether it be my lipstick, a statement piece necklace or shoes. I’ve recently grown to have an obsession with necklaces. I started about a year ago when I noticed how one necklace could change a whole outfit. After buying just a few statement piece necklaces, my hoarding began. I now have well over 40 necklaces!

I also love to help people find outfits to put together. I’ve gotten plenty of practice with friends and family. My mom sometimes comes to me for advice on what goes with what and how it looks on her. Even though I am majoring in Sports, fashion will always have a place in my heart.