STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Arriaga

STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Arriaga

Hello, my name is Alyssa Arriaga! I am excited beyond words to be a part of this amazing internship. I just completed my first semester at Diablo Valley College and I can’t wait to complete my first semester with CollegeFashionista. I figured if you’ve read other Style Guru bios, you have a feel of how these things are laid out: I express how much I love fashion, I explain how excited I am about this internship, and then I proceed to explain details about my outfit. As wonderful as that all is to read, I would love to change it up. A Style Guru loving fashion is no question, but I feel like everyone rarely touches on the fact of why they love fashion. 

Middle school, as I’m sure many could relate to, was a hard time for me self-confidence wise. Everyone has their demons, but specifically during that time I felt like I would never amount to being pretty. Soon after I discovered there was more I could do with my outfits than just combine any regular shirt with a basic pair of jeans. Fashion helped me tear down the negative film I had over my image during those middle school days. Therefore, I am a firm believer that how you feel about yourself depends on if you’re happy with what you’re wearing. If you love yourself in sweatpants, then by all means work it! I think I can finally say I found the style I love myself in, and I hope you guys all have as well.

I love layering, combining patterns with stripes, and practically anything floral. I don’t know what it is about floral patterns and me; we just go together. You will always find me wearing any outfit that’s cute, girly, and comfortable. I also love pieces that you can either dress up or down because the possibilities are endless. Specifically, pieces such as this mauve bodycon dress that I’m wearing.

To make the dress more street-style-appropriate, I tied a chambray shirt around my waist. I find that tying shirts like these, or even any flannel that matches, around a plain dress will always do the trick whenever I want to make something look less fancy. Not only did that help me achieve my desired look, but I also added a cute, wool baseball cap that I believe tied it all together.

My favorite part of this outfit is the combo of the scrunched up fuzzy socks with the floral sneakers. I love the ’80s vibe it gives off; so yes, I am huge fan of overalls as well. When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple. If you were unsure of your signature style before, I hope this gave you some ideas. Once again, wear what you feel amazing in because nothing is more pretty than someone who’s confident in their own skin. Stay tuned for my articles to come; I hope you enjoyed!