January 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello my lovely Fashionistas/os! My name is Alyce Wang from University of Wisconsin Madison, majoring in Art History. This is my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista. In the past semesters, I learned a lot, both in visual arts and fashion; fashion is always my biggest passion in life.

I love trying different styles, so I changed my hair to a very short bob this semester. I love to experience what different styles can bring to one’s personality, and I have found fashion does influence an individual’s behavior in a profound way. So dress as best as you can and bring out the best part of yourself! As an art history student, my main interest is to connect the fashion and art world to everything happening in our society: the culture, religion, politics and ideologies. For individuals, fashion is just an external expression of the inner self.

My favorite style is minimalism. For architecture, minimalism is “be true to materials.” In the modern age, architects have started to get rid of the excess ornaments of architecture because we are now in such a fast-pace machine age. As the famous abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock said, “new needs need new form.” We can’t express the modern ideologies with art forms like those in Renaissance and Middle Age. So I think for fashion, it is the same. The essence of minimalism is “be true to yourself.” We don’t need to use too many filters in our life. We don’t need put too many decorations on our clothes. We don’t need to create an illusion in social media just to impress others. Just be the real self and live in the moment. So many young people nowadays can’t find their styles or simply copy others. My suggestion is just “be true to your self.”

There are several prestigious people in the industry that influence me a lot: Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang. The similarity between them is that they have a distinct voice and they know exactly want they want. They use their fashion styles to express their voice and influence people.

My favorite look is always all-black, though Anna Wintour really hates head to toe black. I think mixing textures and materials is a fun thing for all-black. Here, I match a leather legging and a shining tote with my black coat. The mix-and-match really makes a head to toe black not boring.

I can’t wait to share all my points of view towards fashion in the upcoming year. Let’s have a RAD 2016!