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January 4th, 2016 at 2:06am

Hello again my fellow Fashionista/os! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the holiday season and your time off from school! I took the last semester off from being a Style Guru, but I just couldn’t stay away, so here I am, back to serve up some mean looks for you all!

This fall/winter season, I’ve taken notice to my style changing and becoming more refined–which is a relief since I no longer find myself buying things I never wear. Goodbye impulse buying!

Not to play into the getting-worn-out cliché of “model off-duty”, but my style sort of embodies the same ideas. I’m all about a look that is as chic as it is practical. I would say at any time you can catch me with trendy outerwear, cool footwear and a basic foundation of classic pieces.

This isn’t to say that I’m not into fashion risks though, and Leandra Medine, the brains behind Man Repeller, is sort of my spiritual fashion mentor in that respect. Leandra knows how to take a risk and put together a killer look.

I decided to channel both of those sentiments in this look. My inner Gigi Hadid fully lives in a pair of leggings and after two long years of searching, I found a pair of faux leather leggings that filled the leather shaped hole in my wardrobe.

I paired them with a long black tank top with a black, wool turtleneck from Madewell. Over the top, I threw on a classic black trench coat for extra warmth.

On my feet is a pair of classy and feminine pumps from ASOS, and I tied the whole look together with a navy blue bandana around my neck. Bandanas are a fun and extremely inexpensive way to add a little bit of edge to any look.

I’m beyond excited to bring you some killer articles, so here’s to a fun and fashionable semester!