STYLE GURU BIO: Ally Foltiny

Hello there! I’m Ally Foltiny and I am a sophomore entrepreneurship major at Quinnipiac University. I am elated to have the opportunity to be a Style Guru this summer! I cannot wait to share my style secrets with you.

I am an advocate for self-expression and I hope to one day start and own my own business that focuses on everyone’s unique style and shopping ethically. I try to buy ethically when I can. This means I shop at fair trade companies, support smaller independent artists and take FULL advantage of my local thrift shops. I also make the spontaneous purchase from Etsy.

Self-expression has always been tremendously important to me. I believe that passion and self-expression go hand in hand. If you are comfortable expressing yourself and sharing your passions with the world, you are unstoppable. The more people are comfortable expressing themselves through their style, their language or their art, the more accepting they become of others opinions, and the more accepting the world becomes.

Today, I am wearing my absolute favorite top. Although the temperature is getting a little higher, I wanted to share one of the tops that have remained constant during all of my wardrobe changes.

I bought this beautifully patterned top at a boutique in Ithaca, New York. Art and Found supports local artists and is filled with handmade goods and consignment. This top is actually two sizes larger than my own, but because of the size it is more versatile and can be worn in several ways.

I am sporting some comfy boyfriend jeans from Old Navy. These I purchased for about 20 dollars, which as a steal, and they have definitely proved to be a good buy over and over again.

Now for my favorite part: THE SHOES. I am wearing some New Balance 620 sneakers that I picked up around Christmas this past year. These shoes are wonderful. They are colorful, making them a statement to any outfit (I wear them a lot with all-black) and they are extremely comfortable. As we all know, the sneaker trend is huge right now and it is only growing. New Balance trainers have always caught my eye and with their comfort and classic look, I do not think they will ever go out of style.

As you can see from my photos, my style inspiration is drawn from several sources. My top is vintage, my jeans are very casual, and my 620 sneakers are right on the sneaker trend. With some staple pieces in my closet I can create timeless looks and still express my eclectic style.

Thank you for reading and get ready for a RAD summer! If you enjoyed my bio, RAD it and follow me for more articles like this one.