STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Yoon

Hi, Fashionistas/os! The excitement of starting my third semester with CollegeFashionista is hard to contain. This will also be my third semester at Michigan State University where I am studying Chemistry.

Living in East Lansing, each season offers a different perk from the crazy football games and fashion shows to the quick drive into downtown Lansing. This semester I am looking forward to planning and attending a few student organized award shows along with being a part of the VIM Magazine launch. Having students visiting from countries all around the world brings a unique dynamic to the style around campus.

Fashion was never really my thing until I moved to Los Angeles when I was seventeen. I think of it as the dark city that revealed my dreams! Stereotypically, my style adapted into that of a valley girl: high-waisted shorts, crop tops, flannels, Dr. Martens and hair that passed my waist. Moving back to Michigan in the middle of winter pushed me to change my wardrobe by adding coats, boots, scarves and goofy sweaters. I have always loved the art of modeling which led me to find my fashion inspirations, Olivia Brower and Kendall Jenner.

To me, style means self-expression. It’s a skill that is developed by gaining knowledge on what fits your body type best, what colors flatter your skin tone and, most of all, what you feel comfortable in. Combining all of these elements can help any Fashionista/o find the perfect outfit that fits their personality.

This spring, I aspire to broaden the spectrum of Fashionistas/os I find on the many acres of Michigan State and show you the best our streets offer. Keep an eye out for Thursday posts this semester! Spartans, look for me snapping the latest looks around campus!