STYLE GURU BIO: Aliza Strachan

Hello fellow fashion lovers! My name is Aliza Strachan and I just finished up my freshman year at the University of Rhode Island, where I am a Textile, Fashion Merchandising and Design major! I am also pursuing minors in Business and Public Relations, participating in Greek life, and the fashion clubs at school. I am from a small town outside of Boston, but every summer my family and I spend the warm weather in coastal Maine!

As a child, I loved dresses, sparkles, and anything pink. I didn’t care what others thought of my outfit; if it made me happy, I wore it. But that all changed when I got to elementary school. Everyone was obsessed with looking the same and if you didn’t look like everyone else, you weren’t cool and people looked down upon you. In the hopes of looking “cool” I wore my American Eagle Outfitters jeans, Aeropostale graphic T-shirt, and my Hollister Co. hoodie religiously.

It wasn’t until middle school, where my small town combined with two other towns to form a regional school, that my fashion sense evolved. Now that I attended a school with so many more people, I felt the need to stand out and finally felt comfortable to be myself. I wore dresses with sparkly zebra flats when everyone else wore yoga pants and Converse, and even designed my own headbands so that no one else would have the same one as me. I loved to stand out and for people to ask me what stores I bought my clothes from. The hallways of my middle school were my red carpet and I was prepared to tell my classmates who I was wearing!

Now that I get to major in fashion in college, I am pursuing something that I truly love. Getting dressed in the morning is exciting for me, especially since my style is so different. My style can’t be described in just one word because some days it’s edgy, other days it’s preppy, and some days I really couldn’t tell you! The fashion industry is all about standing out and I am up for the challenge!

I would wear the outfit above when I feel like showing off the boho side of my style. Rompers are my latest obsession because they are so easy and comfortable! They are also great because they can be dressed down to wear casually to the beach with some cute flip flops, or they can be dressed up with wedges or heels for a night out. I also love anything that has bell sleeves or that exposes my shoulders, so this romper is perfect for me. On any sunny day there is a 100 percent chance you can catch me wearing my Ray-Ban aviators because they go perfectly with basically any outfit! Today I also added my Tory Burch bucket bag and some gladiator sandals.

I am so excited to be a Style Guru and share more of the fashion I love!