STYLE GURU BIO: Alisa Curmaci

Hey, good lookin’! My name is Alisa, pronounced like “uh-lisa,” not Alyssa. I just finished up my sophomore year at Temple University, and am pursuing a major in architecture with a minor in Spanish. I dream of moving to a place with beautiful beaches like the ones you see in movies (or on Jay Alvarrez’s Instagram), but for now I am settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although I can’t run up and down a sandy shore here, you can be sure to find me surfing through South Street crowds with a yummy green tea in my hand, taking pictures of everything in sight.

I have been playing dress-up since I was just a little girl. I would try on my mom’s clothes (sorry for sneaking in your closet, mom) and go through her jewelry boxes just to prance around the house like a little diva. The only thing that has changed over the years of dress-up is my style. I used to love everything colorful, frilly and patterned. Now, I hold pairs of ripped jeans and cozy neutral-colored shirts very close to my heart. I also switched out my various Sketchers for stylish ankle booties and lace-up flats. I will forever live by words of the great John Wildsmith, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.”

As of lately, my days have consisted of binge-watching The Carrie Diaries on Netflix, obsessing over Fashionista’s Instagram’s while snuggled with my kitten Cleo and going to work at possibly the coolest job you can find in Center City. Since I pretty much live in my work uniform, when I have a day off I make sure that I am feeling #RAD in some of my favorite go-tos! In this look, I was spotted in a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, which I paired with a halter crop top and ankle booties. I also always accessorize, and I will never leave the house without my favorite rings and a super cute arm cuff. 

This is my first summer living in the city, and my first time writing for CollegeFashionista. With all the exciting changes that are happening this summer, I am sure that it’s going to be the best summer yet. I’m looking forward to exploring the latest trends over the next few months and sharing my ever-growing style with you all! It’s never too late to be the best version of yourself, whether it be in your mind or in your wardrobe.