STYLE GURU BIO: Alina Tijerina

Hey there Fashionistas/os! My name is Alina Tijerina and I seriously can’t believe I’m officially a Style Guru this summer! I’m a fashion design student that is in love with fashion and all that surrounds it. To be honest, I just started loving fashion once I got into college about two years ago, but in that time I have learned just enough to be completely obsessed with it. Of course, as every little girl did, I used to love dressing up. Over time, I have realized that the reason is because fashion brings out something very special in everyone. At the end of the day, what you wear is who you are and how you see yourself. This is why being a Style Guru is a great opportunity for me and for everyone whose conversation starter is fashion.

Being a Mexican in a big city like Monterrey is a privilege. I have grown up in a city that is filled with lots of stores where I could find clothes that I loved to wear. However, Monterrey has always been a trend-follower rather than a setter. It wasn’t until I studied abroad for a year in Germany that I started developing my own sense of style, and, obviously, began to love it! Coming back home after a year abroad (where I also cut all of my hair off) was really hard. I think it was mostly because of my change in style and look that everyone kind of rejected what was different. On the bright side, there were some people that loved it and complimented me. That was the breaking point; people had realized that I had a sense of style that could, and had already, impact people’s lives. That was when I decided to have my major in fashion!

But let’s get to the good part! Let’s talk fashion, shall we? I would describe my sense of style as a bit boyish, often monochromatic and always different. I like trying out new stuff and seeing what works out and what doesn’t. Even though I’m (hopefully) going to be a fashion designer in the future, I have always thought that one’s sense of style is completely up to you. So I hope my time as a Style Guru can help some of you find yourself through fashion, or just to find some amazing outfits!