STYLE GURU BIO: Alicia Frazer

May 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hi there! My name is Alicia and I will be a sophomore at the University of Florida. After switching my major from architecture to business to finally journalism, I am very excited about pursuing photojournalism and creative photography with the hopes of becoming an art director of a magazine, as well as having my own bikini line!

Although I live in north central Florida, I am truly a beach bum California girl. Growing up with a surfer dad I found a love for the ocean at a very young age, as well as the carefree lifestyle (and bikinis!). I can spend the whole day in the sun, snorkeling, scuba diving or attempting to stand up on a surfboard. I love finding beauty in all things around me, which is why I found such a passion for photography. I am much more comfortable behind the camera lens, rather than being in the spotlight. I get so excited when I can show someone’s true beauty through a great picture, which is why I love doing portraits and fashion photography! I never turn down the opportunity for adventure, photo shoots, ice cream cones or a hunt for great clothes. Although my style is still evolving, I never stray far from my roots of boho, beachy and fun. I could live in a sundress or a killer pair of overalls that is paired with a stylish strappy bra.

I am so excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista family and hope to share a glimpse into my personal style. I think fashion and the way we dress can make everyone feel beautiful and powerful, even when we feel so insignificant in such a vast world. Because of my fashion, I am free to be me!

Everyday is an adventure, so why not dress like it’s your last?