Hello all, my name is Alice Evans and this fall I will be a sophomore nursing student at Saint Francis University. I have always been extremely passionate about helping others and find learning about patient care fascinating.  I cannot wait begin my career as a nurse.  In addition to that call of service, I also love to express myself through writing and fashion. Two completely opposite interests, but I think it’s intriguing to be a girl with many facets.

This is my first summer writing for CollegeFashionista and I am ecstatic to finally have a place to express my closeted passion. I highly admire people who chose to stand out from the crowd, and I strive to do that myself. In my adventures to find Fashionistas/os in my area, I hope to capture those exact people: ones that take risks and dress for themselves. For me, the journey to find my personal style wasn’t very easy. My fashion inspiration comes from the classic past, and I have forever loved vintage and older pieces of clothing. But, in middle school and early high school I was afraid to take the risk of standing out. Now, I find that it is so much easier just to do what makes me happy rather than hide within the fear of criticism. I love my classic style and enjoy the challenge of adding modern pieces to my various looks. I even started to document my style evolution through my new blog, Dreaming Blue Eyes. I find many of my favorite pieces from places like Ralph Lauren, T.J. Maxx and H&M.

I believe that if a person loves something enough and is willing to put all of their energy into that pursuit, then success is found in the journey, not necessarily in a reward in the end. If the path isn’t part of what is rewarding in a pursuit, I don’t understand the point. There is reward in just working hard with a deep desire to share a passion with others. So, I cannot wait to get my creative juices flowing and begin my search for those embodying that same drive.