STYLE GURU BIO: Ali Kessling

Hi, loves! My name is Ali Kessling and I’m a freshman at University of Tennessee. My major is special education and I’m minoring in Spanish. Sadly, the University of Tennessee doesn’t have a fashion degree, but I have always loved photography and fashion so I’m excited for this opportunity. After I graduate, I hope to move to L.A. or San Francisco and work on fashion in some way. This is my second semester being a Style Guru and I can’t wait for round two!

My style typically ranges from grunge/hippie clothing to southern belle to a bum in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. However, Pinterest really got me loving the grunge and hippie style so that’s typically how I dress in the spring/summer when it’s warmer. I can’t go wrong with my high-waisted shorts and a crop top with a kimono. In the winter, you usually will spot me in a sweater and a Patagonia with leggings and combat boots. They are always my go-to shoe in the fall/winter because they are comfy and really go with any outfit.

Fashion is one of my biggest interests because you can definitely always make it unique to you and there is no formula. You can really wear whatever you want based on your mood and preference and can easily find inspiration all around you whether it’s in magazines or Pinterest or your best friend’s closet. Fashion is a whole new level of “express yourself.” Be confident in what you wear and you’ll easily be other people’s inspiration.

I’m looking forward to showing you the latest trends of Knoxville this semester, where it ranges from Lilly Pulitzer casual and chic to all-black and grunge styles. Welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy my articles! Be sure to check them out every month to learn more about how Tennesseeans dress!