STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis McEnroe

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis McEnroe

Hey there, Fashionista/os! My name is Alexis McEnroe and I’m so excited to be working with CollegeFashionista for my very first semester! I am currently a junior at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, which is a huge switch from my hometown (or city, I guess!) of San Francisco, California. I’m so glad I did choose Indiana University, because of all of the amazing opportunities I’ve found as a photojournalism major and apparel merchandising minor. Not to mention the beautiful seasons and school spirit my campus has to offer. That being said, I hope to continue my journey to New York City to work in fashion journalism and magazine editing in the future.

I’d never thought I was very good at writing. However, an English professor in college was impressed and encouraged me to do something with my writing. After battling science and math classes, I decided writing was my path. I was first inspired by fashion when I was around nine years old. I would watch Project Runway each week with my mom and we would decide which look we liked the best. This experience really allowed me to see how fun creating fashion could be.

I would describe my fashion as minimalist. By that, I mean I can usually be found wearing my favorite black jeans, a simple top or sweater, and shoes, like these black booties. My color palette is very neutral, so most of my pieces go together. This means I can get more outfits for my money, and it’s a lot easier to choose what to wear! I am also a vegan, so that is very important when choosing clothing to buy. I always have to make sure that I choose faux-leather shoes and accessories. More recently I’ve been educating myself about fast-fashion versus ethically and sustainably sourced garments. Animals and the environment have always been very important to me.

I hardly wear prints, but when I do, I love something with a hint of femininity, like this black and pink floral off-the-shoulder top with a mesh cutout at the waist. I’ve just recently gotten obsessed with this wide brim black hat, and I love the braided detailing. I can’t leave the house without a simple necklace like this one, which reminds me of my home state with a little heart over San Francisco. Finally, I always have to have my gold sunglasses and faux-leather strap gold watch. It’s been a fairly mild winter so far, but in the colder weather I would definitely include a long, black trench coat.

Have a great semester Fashionista/os!