STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Gonzalez

January 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

I am a senior at the University at Albany, studying English with a minor in communications. I’m an outgoing Latina with naturally crazy red hair, originally from New York City and a lover of all things fashion, food and fun!  I have always had a natural inclination toward fashion styling, and having an eye for trends but I was actually introduced to the fashion industry through modeling. I began doing test shoots to build up my modeling portfolio and I was 16 when I walked in my first runway show during New York Fashion Week. It was that moment that solidified my interest in the fashion industry, but surprisingly it wasn’t modeling that intrigued me. I was in love with every aspect of the fashion industry from the garments, to the hair, makeup, photography and everything in between! This was also around the time I realized how much I loved writing as well, after taking Honors English my junior year.

Three years later, at age 19 I founded my own fashion blog alexistheg.com, as a creative outlet in a college town that was lacking any fashion influence. I have always been interested in fashion as a form of self-expression and found a way to integrate my love for writing and fashion into one. Through fashion journalism I’ve found my own voice, and I want to inspire others to express themselves by developing their own unique style that reflects their personality. I want to continue blogging about fashion for as long as the Internet allows me, keeping my love for both writing and fashion alive. Eventually I would love to break into the fashion industry, specifically, fashion publication.

This is my first semester as a Style Guru Intern for College Fashionista and I am so excited to begin this journey! Follow me along the way!