STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Gilmore

Hey hey!

Lexi here- but you can call me Lex. I’m currently on my way to getting my Digital Arts & Design degree in the sunny city of Orlando. I grew up a small town Maryland girl with three younger brothers who still drive me absolutely crazy, but have my heart in every way. Living in a household with mostly guys can turn you into a total “bro” and it definitely did. Track shorts, a tank top and a headband with a ponytail were my daily go-to’s, but once I adventured off on my own for college, this beautiful city changed me. Well, maybe it wasn’t the city, but just was not being surrounded by boys 24/7.

I always had an artistic side, but hid it behind the athlete I was. My biggest love was for the camera. I was four years old when I snagged my mom’s Kodak to capture some shots at my brother’s second birthday party. As an art student in college, I am developing my passion for photography into my career. I love being behind the lens, controlling every angle and every shot. The way my eyes look at colors, designs, patterns and ultimately fashion, has really evolved.

I love all kinds of styles from girly outfits with fancy lace to edgy skaters who enjoy loose T-shirts and baggy shorts. I find myself somewhere in between—still enjoying the comfort of clothing, but in a more fashionable way. I look forward to merging my passion of photography with the latest trends and styles I run into daily in the beautiful city, and sharing them with an audience that just truly appreciates good art and good clothing!