STYLE GURU STYLE: Alexandra Krogius.

My name is Alexandra Krogius and I am so excited to join the CollegeFashionista team! I am a sophomore at Villanova University and originally from Southern California. Before I decided to move my life across the country, I was used to two things: year round summer weather and school uniforms. I now love the changing seasons and the opportunity to wear the styles that come with them! That’s partly why I love the East Coast!

Fashion is constantly changing. Street style allows individuals to express who they are on an everyday basis. Fashion is not just a model in Vogue or the runway shows at New York Fashion Week. It is the girl trying to catch a cab in the dead of winter wearing heeled boots and an A-line coat with a coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

I love the opportunity fashion brings. And I cannot wait to help demonstrate that from Villanova! I would describe my style as classic, feminine and changing. I have pieces that I have worn time and time again which I cannot part with like my Vince purple ombré cashmere sweater or my Tory Burch riding boots. I also have trendier articles that are fun to bring out, like my cropped sweaters. No two closets are identical, and that to me is one of the coolest parts of fashion!

I cannot wait to share my experiences with my fellow Fashionistas! I hope to show you all the trends happening at Villanova University this year!