STYLE GURU BIO: Alexandra Diaz-Duran

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Bonjour, fellow fashion lovers!

I’m Alexandra, and I am a graphic design major at Northeastern University. I was born and raised in Guatemala, moved to London (the land of Twiggy, trench coats and tea) for my first year of college, and three years ago, I arrived in Boston (a town where winter coats are worn year-round) where my graphic design days began.

My job as an official Style Guru is to find cool, hip, standout, unique and eye-catching street styles in the different places this summer will be taking me. Hopefully I will inspire you, my RAD readers, to hit the streets in the clothes you love and make your style truly yours.

Fashion entails much more than nice clothes hung on models and photographed for magazines. For me, fashion is the perfect combination of art, culture, design and photography. It is my love for it that decides what I’m wearing each morning, and how I express who I am to my world.

To describe my style would be a little difficult as I see myself as being all over the place; I tend to try a little bit of everything. I love feathers, denim, glitter, leather, plaid, you name it; I love it!

In this case I have gone more to the girly-girl, Blair Waldorf-ish, side of me. This outfit is quite simple, as the monochromatic, sky-blue dress has tons of detail like the ruffles, neckline and buttons, and doesn’t need much dressing up. I chose to pair it up with chunky, white, statement sandals, and a barely-there pendant necklace. Lastly, I glammed myself up with my favorite nude eye-shadow palette for a fresh daytime look.

I’m thrilled to be on this Style Guru adventure, and can’t wait to start posting my finds. Don’t forget to check out my Tuesday posts!