STYLE GURU BIO: Alexa Leann Lorenzo

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Welcome style seekers! My name is Alexa Lorenzo and I am currently a first year Telecommunications- News major at the University of Florida. With a major that contains “news” in the title, some may wonder why I am interning for CollegeFashionista this upcoming semester. To answer that question for all who pose it, one day I hope to be a fashion critic like Joan Rivers or Giuliana Rancic.

I was first drawn to style and design by the glitz and glamour of performance costumes. I am a dancer and ever since the very begging, at age three, the stage apparel was as important to me as the dance performance itself. The costume had to match the routine, the background and the lighting. The same with one’s apparel. It must match the routine: what will you do while in your outfit…workout, go to class or eat dinner?  Also, it must match the background: where will you sport your get up…at an art exhibit, the movies or a football game?  Finally, it must go well with the lighting; when will you be wearing your ensemble—day time or night time?

I must say, the stage has really influenced my fashion. When dressing, I always think about routine, background and lighting. But besides that technique, my performance background has led me to believe that rhinestones and glitter add to any outfit, and I without a doubt love it. My style is a mix of classy, sassy, but never trashy. Every individual has a different way of expressing themselves, and I believe that fashion is an absolutely incredible way for each and every person to show their true colors. Dress for yourself, to reveal who you are, and what it is you are all about.

Style on a budget is very possible. Although the designer shoes Kim Kardashian wore last week are beautiful, they are also ridiculously high in price. I have always loved boutiques that replicate celebrity looks for a cut-rate college price or American off-price department stores like T.J. Maxx that sell brand names for half the price. Therefore, expect to see affordable fashion with my posts as there is no need to break the bank in order to look fab!

I am beyond excited to begin my internship with CollegeFashionista and indulge in fashion, writing and blogging. As a Style Guru, I hope to bring only the best of college campus trends to you!