STYLE GURU BIO: Alexa Fanella

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Alexa, but you can call me Lex. I am a junior and a double major in Economics and Finance at Salve Regina University, a private university in Newport, Rhode Island. This is my first semester interning as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista!

I’m mainly German and Italian with a little Polish and Irish mixed in. I’m an animal lover, twin and fashion connoisseur. Fashion isn’t my only love though; I’ve grown up riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been 50 percent Fashionista 50 percent tomboy, and that’s just the way I like it.

Growing up only a few short miles from New York City, I definitely was influenced by all the great street styles I would see on a daily basis. Transitioning to New England for college opened my eyes to a whole new fashion world, and my vocabulary soon began to include terms like “nautical, preppy and Lily Pulitzer.”

When I hear the word “fashion” I think “fearless,” I think “trendsetter,” I think “expression.” To me, fashion is an art. Anyone has the ability to turn something fashionable; it is just a matter of finding the right pieces that express who you are as a person.

Fashion is a way to boost confidence. Personally, I stick by two major rules. Now, these aren’t standard rules, but rules I follow in ”Lex land” if you will. I’m a big fan of iconic over trendy. It is very important to me to be able to have a style that I can look back on years from now, without cringing or regretting my choice of attire, although that doesn’t go to say that I stick to the basic black dress all the time. I like to base my outfits off of staple/basic pieces and accent them using unique pieces like bright colored purses or cool patterned scarves. I believe the two most important key pieces of an outfit are the pair of shoes and the purse.

Moving on, here is another rule from “Lex Land:” if you want to wear something bold or different, go for it, but make sure you wear it with confidence! Statistics prove people are more attracted to confident people—it’s just human nature. The more confident you are in your choice of fashion, the more appealing you will be to others.

I am definitely not a slave to trendy fashion or a slave to brand name-only fashion. I do not believe price determines style. Vintage Chanel may make my eyes light up, but I love a good find in a thrift store just as much.

When I’m not shopping or trying on outfits at home making a mess out of my own closet, you can probably find me on Instagram liking pictures and drooling over Blake Lively’s existence, or Gigi Hadid’s New York City street style.