Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I finished my very first Style Guru Bio and now I’m writing my fourth! This year may have flown by, but man, has my style really changed! One year ago, all I wore were neutral tones like black, white and taupe. If someone were to take a look at my closet now, they’d find just the opposite!

This semester I’m headed to London! Studying in the UK is something I’ve always dreamed about and for it to finally be happening is a dream come true! I’ll be living in King’s Cross (the heart of London!) and taking amazing classes like British Media, London Photojournalism and Travel Writing! Not only am I signed up for cool classes, but I’ll also be interning while I’m over there! Although I’m excited for this big change, I’m super nervous about having to pack for such a long period of time in just one suitcase!

It’s a good thing I’ve really been digging wardrobe staples lately because I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ll be able to fit. I’ve absolutely been loving metallics for fall; they’re fabulous to pair with simple accessories and shoes. More trend driven pieces that I’ve been loving are tulle and flats that correspond with the ballet/dance-wear trend! I love how feminine they are but importantly how comfortable the trend is. Speaking of comfort, let’s talk about the ever popular althleisure trend. I’ve been picking up even more pieces like slides and pullovers that make it so easy to throw a cute outfit together quickly.

I’ve been taking a lot more risks when it comes to fashion, like how I paired my Nike slides with this tulle dress. I plan to combine my current fashion favorites with London’s classic style! Stay tuned for lots of articles this semester and most importantly STAY RAD!