STYLE GURU BIO: Alanna Kouri

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey everyone! I’m Alanna but you can call me Lans. If you can’t reach me, there’s a good chance that I am binge-watching Netflix, eating or taking wannabe artsy pictures. Anyone who knows me knows that I can be painfully awkward, make lame jokes and quote lines from movies/shows that no normal people remember. You’ll notice all of this in my articles.

I am so excited (and nervous) to start this journey as a Style Guru. I am a sophomore at Florida State University. I am majoring in Media and Mass Communications and Editing, Writing and Media. Yeah, it’s a mouthful.

All things revolving around social media fascinate me. I spend far too much time picking filters and choosing captions that are equal parts witty and pun-filled. But before you judge me and tell me that I need to get out more (I swear I actually go outside), hear me out. I see media forums as means of inspiration. Yes, I am fully aware of how cheesy that sounds, but stay with me for a second. Just scrolling through your Instagram feed, you can find motivation to work out and eat healthily. Keep scrolling and you can find the latest fashion dos and don’ts. Keep scrolling and you can find inspiration for dream travel destinations. This is why I have accepted that I will never get the recommended hours of sleep; BuzzFeed videos are simply more important at 2:00 a.m.

As for my personal style, it is endlessly changing. Growing up, I lived in basketball clothes most of the time. I also got a giant knot in my hair and needed to chop it off up to my ears. To top it all off I was a very chubby little kid. Needless to say, style was the last thing on my mind but I always felt most comfortable in my own skin when I felt comfortable in my clothes.

I try to live by this now. If you are comfortable in your outfits, you will look your best. My daily look is centered on comfort. Growing up in South Florida, where 85 degrees is considered a nice breeze, you have to be comfortable if you plan on stepping outside. This is why shorts are usually my go-to. You can also find me in fun, flowy skirts and pants, and basically anything but jeans. I have a little too much booty to not feel restricted by jeans. But I am getting off track!

To see all the embarrassing and awkward things I will undoubtedly do on this journey, check out my articles! And because I don’t exactly know how to end this, bye beautifuls!