January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello there!

My name is Ajea Nicole and I am a junior studying communications with a concentration in journalism at Lasell College. I am also minoring in fashion communication and promotion and am even considering picking up event management. I endeavor to work in the fashion industry, specifically with magazines or even imaging, branding and styling for designers/clients.

I would obviously say that I enjoy fashion, but style is what I crave. I love being able to create and come up with outfits or pieces that are totally my own. Style is so personal, yet the ability to find and discover my voice in clothing is another thing that excites me. I feel like my personal style has evolved (and is evolving) as I get older and I continually seek out inspiration from runway shows, magazines, blogs, etc.

This time around, I would say that my style is focused on taking risk and wearing pieces that I have worn before. Right now, I am into trench coats, suede, moto jackets and wool felt fedoras in almost any color. I am also playing a little bit more into urban and street style as the weather gets a tad warmer.

When I was first a part of the Style Guru family, it was the summertime; so I had the opportunity to capture diverse and eye-catching style in my hometown and wherever I traveled. This my second time amongst this amazing group of style lovers, and I am very excited to be able to capture style on my college campus.

I am very blessed and grateful to be apart of this dynamic team and here’s to a great stylish year!