STYLE GURU BIO: Aeriel Badiola

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, Fashionistas/os! I am pleased to announce my first semester debut with the CollegeFashionista team. My name is Aeriel Badiola and I am an English Literature and Black Studies double major at the City College of New York. I feel so privileged to be studying in Manhattan because I am constantly exposed to different cultures, foods, peoples and styles.

Style, especially in Manhattan, is very ambiguous. Whether it be from the changing seasons to what is new on the runway, style evolves year after year, semester after semester. But regardless of these changes, style remains forever in its ability to attract all people to make it their own.

Style not only says a lot about a person but it signifies their events for that day. For example, when I am going to work out, I wear shorts, sneakers and a sports bra. But if I am wearing a pencil skirt, heels and a blazer, it could suggest that I could be going to an interview. We dress for our day and the way we dress for it represents our personality.

Today, I am wearing an oversized shirtdress with cute strappy sandals. I pair these two pieces with an oversized denim shirt and cap to give the outfit a casual and comfortable feel. Lately, I have been very minimalist with my accessories but I embellish this outfit with my everyday gold Casio watch. Although this outfit is extremely simple, it says a lot about my style. I always aim to be simple and casual to contrast with my social and hyper personality.

As I journey through the summer semester, I hope you guys can join me in exposing all the different types of people and styles that inhabitant the city!