STYLE GURU BIO: Adriana Autie

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello everyone! I’m Adriana Autie and I am currently a junior at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I’m majoring in journalism and media studies with a minor in digital communication, information and media.

For as long as I can remember, I was always sneaking into my mother’s makeup bags and trying stuff on. I am constantly buying more and more things just to add to my already obscene collection. Not only do I have a ton of makeup, but my clothing stash is also on another level. While my online shopping addiction is very hard to handle, I try to ball on a budget, especially since I am a college student; I am proud to say I have found some hidden gems. I may have to let you all in on my secrets!

On a regular day, you can catch me reading a book, watching YouTube videos for hours, and just enjoying life. Although these seem like very laid back things to do, my style does not always come off that way. I absolutely love being glammed up with smoky eyes, winged liner, bold lipstick and a chic outfit; however, I also like to incorporate my mellow personality to give my aesthetic an authentic flair. Experimenting with my look is my favorite thing to do, which is what I love so much about beauty and fashion. Both of these industries allow people to express themselves in unique ways without saying a word. Neither fashion nor beauty have any rules, which give people an open playground to practice their creativity. My style is a mixture of many different styles, so being able to share it with you all has been a dream come true.

Besides being completely obsessed with fashion and beauty, writing has also become a huge part of my life. Whether it is on social media or a school paper, it has become my escape. I could write for hours and hours and never get tired, especially when it is related to topics I love like fashion and beauty. CollegeFashionista will only add to these passions, and, I am extremely excited for what lies ahead. I hope you are all just as excited to read my blogs, as I am to write them for you. Follow me along this journey by following my Twitter and Instagram to know when my posts will be up. You also can check out what I am doing when I am not on Collegefashionista.