August 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello everyone, my name is Aditi and this is my second semester as a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista. I am now a senior in college—oh boy time travels fast. I go to Monmouth University, a private liberal arts university which can be found in an idyllic beach town in New Jersey. At Monmouth University, I’m majoring in Communications in the Public Relations and Journalism cluster and I can honestly say that my I love my major.

This summer I spent my time working retail and taking photos of people in amazing outfits. I rounded up my summer by spending some time in Italy with my family and just soaking in the history. While in Italy I rediscovered my love of rompers. Most of my high school days were spent in rompers, kicking off a trend with many of my friends when they realized how cute rompers were and that you could still have a full range of lower body motion. Not to mention, my mom dressing me all the rompers when I was little for the simple fact that it was easy to wrestle me into an outfit that I could run around the neighborhood in with the other kids.

Other than rompers, my style is still pretty simple, or what I like to call classic. Now that we’ve moved into weather that will start getting cooler soon I’ll most likely be seen walking around campus in my staple of white tees and jeans. I will be adding grandfather cardigans and boots as soon as the leaves start to change colors.

I love accessorizing because it’s a great way for me to add some color to my looks and show off my personal style. I’m really loving the layered necklaces look right now, especially the chokers trend that is making a come-back. My earrings differ from day-to-day, but they’ve stayed within a geometric style.

I’m very excited to see what kind of styles are making an appearance in the next semester as a CollegeFashionista and can’t wait to see what my fellow Style Gurus are seeing too.