STYLE GURU BIO: Abril Giselle

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello, Fashionistas! My name is Abril Giselle Lopez, and this is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am currently a senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz and am pursuing a degree in the history of art and visual culture with a minor in politics. Studying art history is the closest I can get to studying fashion in my undergraduate career, but you would be impressed at how much art has influenced the many and latest fashion trends. I became interested in fashion while I was in high school. However, it was not until college that I was able to dress exactly how I wanted with no boundaries. Being that Santa Cruz is a small beach town, most of the vibes are chill and relaxed. The same goes for the way people dress, but I am here to bring a little spice by making myself known through my personal style and change the way fashion is perceived in this small town.

My passion for clothes lies in shopping for good sales. It honestly warms my heart when people tell me they like my outfit or they ask where I bought my clothes. However, it is the best feeling to be able to tell someone the great deal I got on my clothes, especially when they are well-known brands. Then they ask me to take them on a shopping trip. This is where my fascination for styling comes from.

I aspire to move to Los Angeles or New York City after graduating college to continue pursuing my dreams in the fashion industry as a stylist.

My favorite color to wear has to be black. Black is a color you can make a statement with, especially when styled with some booties and a great leather jacket, both which are black, of course. But I feel like I have a very versatile closet, so you can find pretty much every color in there. One of my goals for this year, though, is to learn how to use more color in my everyday wear and not just for special occasions.

Being that I work in retail, I can draw inspiration from the many people I meet at the stores I work at. This semester, I am excited to draw inspiration from my peers on and off campus. Check back for my articles at the beginning of each month and feel free to follow me on my social media platforms!