STYLE GURU BIO: Abigail Burbary

Hi there, fashion-lovers!

My name is Abigail Burbary and this is my first semester with CollegeFashionista! Let me just say I am extremely excited to show my creativity through fashion, writing and photography. I am currently a sophomore at Michigan State University studying broadcast journalism with a minor in entrepreneurship. When I’m not studying, you can find me being a full-time identical twin, running my own clothing brand, Bella Gemelli, or actively participating in one of my many extracurricular activities—one of my favorites being our student-run fashion and lifestyle publication on campus: VIM Magazine.

I love the art of fashion, and I truly believe one does not have to spend huge dollars in order to feel beautiful in their outfit! Personally, I would describe my style as an extremely wide array. I love the classic girly-girl look, but on other days I also love to throw on a band tee, ripped jeans and a choker. As a busy girl who likes to stay comfortable, lately I have been leaning more toward athleisure wear. My excitement was comparable to a child on Christmas morning when I saw that leggings paired with baseball hats was actually becoming a fashion trend!

In this look here, you can see my girly side loud and clear. I am wearing a light blue structured dress paired with gray lace-up heels all from Windsor, and a baby pink Michael Kors bag. Although I like jewelry, it is always the last thing I think about when choosing my outfit for the day. In my opinion every girl needs to have a pair of rhinestone studs in their wardrobe. They can look dressy with a snappy business outfit, but they also add a great little touch to something as simple as a jean and T-shirt outfit.

I am thrilled to get started with CollegeFashionista and I cannot wait to scout some inspiring looks this summer!