Hi fellow fashionista/os! My name is Abi Weaver. I am a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh studying Business and this is my first season writing for the sensational CollegeFashionista.

I stumbled upon CollegeFashionista through my Fashion Business club on campus and instantly fell in love. It was one of those, “Why are you reading my mind?!” kind of moments. Every student needs a positive atmosphere to see how others are handling the collegiate experience: specifically their college outfits. As a freshman, I thought, do I wear dresses to class? In a big city will I survive the day sauntering around in uncomfortable—yet outfit perfecting—shoes? As daunting as a fresh start may seem, our style’s ability to evolve is one of the most exciting and unprecedented gifts given to us.

Some fun facts about me: I grew up in a big family. Guilty pleasure: the Jenner sisters! They are so beautiful and their wardrobe: yes please. Also, Chipotle, couldn’t go a week without it, #literally. My eyes change color almost as frequently as my hair. My love of fashion started out when I was in middle school; when others sought out Charlotte Rousse, Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale, I went to thrift stores with my older sisters.

I tend to base my outfits off comfort, practicality and minimalism with just the right amount of shock value. And often, when I get lost in the grandiose runways and trends of female fashion, I look to menswear as my established foundation. Street style blogs have always been the muse for my daily outfitting. I suppose I would describe my style as practical. However, if photographed everyday, I would have a pretty consistent aurora of ALL BLACK ALL THE TIME.

I’m so excited to document some winter and spring trends in my urban college campus. Hopefully we’ll see brand new experimentation with shapes, cuts and colors. Most of all I can’t wait to learn from other Style Gurus and Fashionistas/os and hope that they can gain insight from me along the way! As students of more than just the classroom, this is our space: a place to expand the limits of style and gain inspiration from similarly emboldened people. Let’s see what 2015 has to offer!