Hey everyone! My name is Melissa Ly, senior at Temple University. I’m currently studying media business and entrepreneurship. This will be the last semester of my undergraduate career. I’m passionate about fashion, entertainment, and emerging social media technologies. You can always find me on snapping away my life or retweeting my favorite celebrities.

I started to become interested in media when I started to pick up magazines at my neighborhood library. The lifestyle and fashion magazine stand in the library always caught my attention and I dreamed of one day working for a medium that could share dynamic stories and features. I still read magazines to this day, but I also follow a ton of fashion YouTubers, and bloggers.

Some of my favorite fashion movers and shakers are Eva Chen, Michelle Lee, Connie Wang, Aimee Song, Chriselle Lim and Jenn Im. My goal is to be as impactful to the media and communications industry as they have been.

As this is my last semester at Temple and as a CollegeFashionista contributing writer, I am pumped to bring you the best style inspirations on campus.

In these photos, I’m wearing a maroon pocket tee, black jeans, a pendant necklace and athletic sandals. I’m always about finding deals so look no further than my future articles. You can find my casual outfit at H&M, Forever21, Jack Wills and Payless ShoeSourceI look forward to bringing you your next style inspiration this fall!